We are the first company to

Design, build, and sale L.E.D.

taillight inserts for classic cars

and trucks. These aren’t the little

replacement bulb with a handful of

L.E.D.s, our products are not small

at all! Instead of putting 10 L.E.D.s

on a bulb base, and selling them as

the next big thing, we BUILT  the nest

big thing!

      The small replacement L.E.D.s

you buy from companies like APC are

really no better than the bulb. They

aren’t as bright as ours, no as easily

seen by the driver behind you. Our

lights are designed to be as large as

possible. We design the board to be as

large as the lens and the housing will


      The advantage of these inserts

over the old-fashioned bulbs are many:


1.     These bulbs will never burn out,

period! L.E.D.s are not built like the

traditional bulbs with a flimsy, thin

filament that gets hot, and cool very

quick. This is what makes you have to

replace them every few years. L.E.D.s have

no filament, they work my exciting photons

with electricity inside the bulb, and

producing light.


2.    L.E.D.s are brighter than traditional

bulbs. When you are driving down the road,

whether it’s day or night, you can fell more confident knowing the lights in

your vehicle are brighter than the old lights you used to have. That means

the guy behind you will see you braking easier.


3.    L.E.D.s actually light up faster than Traditional bulbs. L.E.D.s are as close

to instant on and off as you can    get. In-fact, L.E.D.s can be made to switch

on and off so fast, the naked human eye wouldn’t be able to see the light is

actually blinking. To the naked eye, the light would be constantly on. What

does this mean? It means that on average, if you and the driver behind you

are driving 60 miles per hour and you had to hit the brake, the guy behind

you would see your lights 70 feet sooner than if you had a bulb. If your

vehicle is your baby, and you’ve spent hundreds of hours, and thousands of

dollars making it so, wouldn’t you like to know the driver behind you will

see your extra-bright taillights come on 70 feet sooner?


To see more pictures of our taillights

 for 1967-1972 Chevy and GMC click the

picture to the right. If you’d like to see a set of pictures showing some comparisons of our lights versus the old fashioned bulbs, click here. If you’d like to order  pair for your 1967-1972 Chevy or GMC, all our partner D2M Technologies @

(512) 828-3661 Monday through Friday,

8 A.M. to 5 P.M.  Central standard time.

You can order 24 hours a day through

Fax @ (512) 828-3665. They accept all

major credit cards.

Or, you can even Email them at


      D2M Technologies will be shipping

all confirmed orders within 24 hours. They

will ship to you which ever way fits your

budget best!


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      We appreciate you coming by and checking out your site. We are going to be constantly

updating our site with more pictures and products as soon as we have them. Also, We currently

only have taillights for 1967-1972 Chevy and GMC fleetside trucks. We are gathering information

on what potential makes and models of cars or trucks we should work on next! If you are

interested in us producing for the vehicle you have, please e-mail us, and tell us about it!